BlackBerry Curve 9350 Review

In an industry filled with 300+ ppi displays and multi-core processors, BlackBerry handsets are still considered by some as the workhorse for enterprise settings.

BlackBerry Curve is among the first smartphones to ship with BlackBerry OS 7 and recent update to 7.1 has added the ability to access BlackBerry tag, use WiFi voice calling and establish mobile hotspot. It’s easy to be impressed at how BlackBerry OS has improved over the years, although the deep, drilldown menus can be a bit confusing for some. With the removal of trackball interface, users can now access emails, webpages, menus and other by swiping on the trackpad.

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The Curve 9350 is built primarily for calling and calls sound very clear, especially on the included earbuds. The Curve 9350 synchs easily with Bluetooth-capable devices and cars and you shouldn’t run into any issues during the set up process.

Messaging and email
Curve 9350 comes with excellent messaging services, including Social Feeds and the widely popular, BlackBerry Messenger. New users are urged to attach a specific email account to the phone and email should load nicely on the spartan screen, presenting sender, subject line and message content. The stock email app may not be the sexiest, but it should work like champ.

The 5Mp rear-facing camera is one of the more improved features in the Curve 9350, which includes useful features such as geotagging, continuous focus, image stabilization and LED flash. Roll your finger on the trackpad to zoom and unzoom the viewfinder. But patience is a virtue here as the camera doesn’t take a photo immediately when you hit the shutter button.

While the Curve 9350 won’t stop traffic, it is compact, sexy and sleek. RIM has gone a long way in smartphone design and the Curve 9350 seems to perform as expected. The BlackBerry 7.1 OS feels mature, although there seems to be some room for improvement.

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