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Samsung Asked Apple to Pay 20 Percent More for Its Mobile Processors


Samsung has applied a 20 percent price hike of its mobile processors, but implemented this policy only to one particular customer: Apple. Samsung is currently the only provider to supply various components to make iOS devices to work properly. When the South Korean technology giant asked for a price increase, Apple had no option but to accept. Cupertino has bought about 130 million mobile chips last year and to (more…)

Sony Xperia TX Review

Xperia TX_white_group_SCR1

The Sony Xperia TX is an amazing piece of device with gorgeous design, with its curvy and pinched look.

Design Sony Xperia TX has the usual rectangular design that unfortunately seems flimsy enough. The whole handset tends to twist and creaks, when we apply some amount of pressure. Some users may think that buttons placement is a little bit strange; the physical camera shutter and volume rocker are (more…)

Trial Production of iPhone 5S Could Begin as Early as December This Year


Sources from China recently revealed something very interesting. Apparently, the next iPhone could come a lot faster than we currently believe. Apple may start the trial production of the iPhone 5 in December this year. Apple has recently gone ahead with the certification of components used on the iPhone 5S. If everything goes smoothly, the new phone may be produced as early as Q1 2013. If this is truly (more…)

iPad Mini Only Costs $188 to Make


The research firm, HIS, frequently put new, popular devices under their magnifying glass and according to their evaluation, the iPad Mini, with its $329 price tag, only costs $188 to build. This would mean that Apple can easily make about $150 for each unit sold, which nearly doubles their profit. It requires additional $31 for the company to manufacture the 32GB model (sold at $429), which further increases the (more…)

Should We Be Excited with the iPad Mini?


The iPad Mini is now available in various retail stores and consumers seem to be less than enthusiastic. And perhaps, they shouldn’t be as the product isn’t revolutionary. It may offer greater portability value compared to 9.7”, but it comes with a price that doesn’t scream great values. Currently, it doesn’t take too much effort to get an iPad Mini, just drop into the nearest Apple store and don’t (more…)

iPad 4 Teardown Reveals Less Than Surprising Hardware Components


As always, iFixit seeks an opportunity to tear down latest devices in the market. They found that there wasn’t an awful lot to make the iPad 4 looks significantly different than the 3rd generation iPad. Previously, the tech giant surprised us by unveiling a fully refreshed model of the iPad 3 with a Retina display. iFixit managed to get their hands on the latest iPad 4 model and immediately (more…)

iOS 6.0.1 is Released


Apple has released a bug fix to the iOS 6.0 to fix a handful of bugs that plague users. The iOS 6.0.1 now allows iPhone 5 to get OTA software through wireless means. The update also removes horizontal lines that were shown across the keyboard layout. Earlier some users found that LED flash of their iPhone won’t go off and the update offers a software-based solution for that. Connection (more…)

iPad 4 Recorded Impressive Benchmark Result


The new iPad made an impressive outing with its 9.7” Retina Display screen and exceptional graphics performance back in March. With the new A5X processor, the new tablet offer a significant increase in overall performance level with its quad-core GPU. Obviously, current 3rd generation iPad users won’t be happy to hear that Apple is now preparing a new model with twice the performance. Current benchmark data will do noting (more…)

iPad Mini Will Feature Siri


Before the launch, a comparison page in Apple’s official website has shown details between different iPad versions, including iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad Mini. It is interesting to note that both iPad 2 and iPad Mini will share the same dual-core A5 chip, but only iPad Mini has Siri. There are some speculations why iPad 2 can’t get Siri through simple software update. There could be some hardware (more…)

iPhone Jailbreaking is Still Legal

US Copyright Office has renewed rules once again saying that it’s still legal to jailbreak a smartphone, including the iPhone, but the organization declines to extend the rules to tablets. The agency found that the definition of “tablet” is too broad, as it may also cover to standard tablets, e-book reader, handheld gaming device and touchscreen-equipped laptops. There’s an opposition to extend jailbreak authority to portable gaming console because (more…)