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LG Optimus M+ Review


The LG Optimus M was MetroPCS’s first Android smartphone, which didn’t require a contract and competitively priced. And now, aptly called LG Optimus M+, the new revamped version is available.

Design Noticeably thinner than its predecessor, the LG Optimus M+ looks like a welcome redesign of the original. Users may also find other new details appealing including the convex top, tapered sides and sharper corners. Being a slightly wider (more…)

LG Lucid 4G Review


The LG Lucid 4G is a lightweight smartphone with LTE capability with a custom UI that’s easy for any first-time user.

Design LG Lucid 4G is among the smallest 4G LTE smartphone in the market, especially when we compare it with those currently lining the shelves in many electronics stores. The bulk of Lucid 4G’s construction is plastics, but LG also add some visual flair like the metal band (more…)

LG Spectrum 2 is Coming to Verizon


Verizon offers an LTE Android smartphone, the LG Spectrum 2 starting from today. After a $50 mail-in rebate and with a 2-year agreement, the phone is priced at $99.99. Boasting 1.5GHz dual-core chip under the hood, the LG Spectrum 2 packs a powerful punch for your money. Other features include 4.7” HD IPS display, 16GB of onboard storage and an external memory slot that supports up to 32GB microSD (more…)

Nexus 4 Appears on LG’s Official Website

LG-Nexus-4-EVLeaks-558x450 (1)

LG has confirmed that Google will be hosting an official launch event on October 29 for the release of Android 4.2. It is also widely expected that the company will reveal 32GB version of Nexus 7, Nexus 10 tablet and LG Nexus 4. The LG Nexus 4 is believed to be an interesting handset, which is based on the LG Optimus G. There were previously some leaked images and (more…)

LG Nexus 4 Image is Released

Nearly every day, the media is reporting new details on LG’s upcoming smartphone, the Nexus 4. Once again, the leak comes from a famous source in Twitter: evleaks. However, after the Sony Xperia X hoax last week, we need to examine every detail. Fortunately, evleaks has a very solid track record and we can still assume that the image is legitimate. Although, we can’t be too sure, as it’s (more…)

LG and Samsung Will Release 1080p Handsets Next Year


We were once skeptical when we heard that 1080p smartphones would be delivered in near future, but all of a sudden HTC released the J Butterfly with its 5” 1080p display. Handsets with very high display resolution are no fantasy. Even with a large 5” display, the J Butterfly manages to deliver 440 ppi of pixel density thanks to its exceptional display resolution. HTC employs the Super LCD 3 (more…)

LG Optimus L7 Review

With Optimus L7, LG brings affordable phone and decent design to the masses. The L7 is placed at the top of the pile in the L-series, but it’s not intended to tackle high-end devices like the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Design Like other L-series sibling, the Optimus L7 is largely an angular handset, which sports a metallic border. While the phone is hardly a prom queen, (more…)

LG Optimus L3 Review


LG Optimus L3 seems to counteract current high-end devices with its largely uninspiring style and less than impressive array of specs. Nevertheless, it does well in one particular area, pricing.

Performance Despite the use of the older 800MHz single-core processor, the Optimus L3 feels rather zippy, allowing users to freely scroll through the menus and homescreen of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Software Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will continue (more…)

LG Optimus G Preview

LG Optimus G

With a whole new set of advanced mobile technology, the LG Optimus G has finally arrived. It’s another step in LG’s evolution of ladder and it brings a combination of LTE, 2GB of RAM and Qualcomm S4 Pro processor to the masses for the first time. When we pick the phone, we can tell easily that it’s a model that is worthy being called as a flagship.

Design (more…)