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Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Review


Samsung Galaxy Ace DUOS is basically a Samsung Galaxy Ace with dual-SIM capability.

Design The phone is made entirely of plastic and it has a metal rim that runs around the front part. The 3.5” HVGA display makes the phone entirely looks like the original Galaxy Ace. There are no proximity sensors or ambient light sensor. There are three non-backlit capacitive touch buttons under the display.

Software Samsung (more…)

Samsung Intensity III Review


Samsung Intensity III is a Verizon-only phone that’s designed to be a bit more rugged than other competing devices.

Design Weighing 4.06 ounces and measuring 0.57 thick, the phone is relatively lightweight and has a rather petite frame. However, the plastic build hardly makes the phone fits any military-grade requirements. The phone should fit comfortably in your hand and it is generally easy to handle. Up top, you (more…)

HTC One S Review

HTC One S_Black_1

HTC One S is placed one rung down from the One X, and this is not a bad thing considering the impressive capability offered by the latter.

Design HTC One S is reasonably big, but not so huge that those with dainty hands can’t comfortably hold it. The One S comes with the familiar rounded oblong design of HTC handsets. HTC uses the micro arc oxidation process to (more…)

LG Optimus M+ Review


The LG Optimus M was MetroPCS’s first Android smartphone, which didn’t require a contract and competitively priced. And now, aptly called LG Optimus M+, the new revamped version is available.

Design Noticeably thinner than its predecessor, the LG Optimus M+ looks like a welcome redesign of the original. Users may also find other new details appealing including the convex top, tapered sides and sharper corners. Being a slightly wider (more…)

LG Lucid 4G Review


The LG Lucid 4G is a lightweight smartphone with LTE capability with a custom UI that’s easy for any first-time user.

Design LG Lucid 4G is among the smallest 4G LTE smartphone in the market, especially when we compare it with those currently lining the shelves in many electronics stores. The bulk of Lucid 4G’s construction is plastics, but LG also add some visual flair like the metal band (more…)

Galaxy S Duos Review


Galaxy S Duos is a dual-SIM variant of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with less rounded design.

Design The Galaxy S Duos comes with standard Samsung design and a good choice if you still find it acceptable. As expected, the Galaxy S Duos is made completely from plastic and users should be able to handle it easily. To improve handling, Samsung opts for matte finish, instead of glossy slippery back.


Motorola MotoSmart Review


Motorola MotoSmart is definitely designed for new Android users, which is extremely easy to set up right out of the box.

Design Motorola Motosmart seems to have an elegant and modern look, with an inward curvature on the back and some sculpting on its front. It has a very narrow frame around the front part, which is quite nice as we don’t have the same effect on the (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review


The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is a budget version of the more expensive Galaxy S3 smartphone, with reduced hardware specs and a smaller display.

Design The S3 Mini looks like a smaller version of the Galaxy S3. At 111.5 grams, the phone is significantly lighter, while a bit thicker compared to the full size S3. The back of the S3 Mini is made from a rather flimsy white (more…)

Sony Xperia TX Review

Xperia TX_white_group_SCR1

The Sony Xperia TX is an amazing piece of device with gorgeous design, with its curvy and pinched look.

Design Sony Xperia TX has the usual rectangular design that unfortunately seems flimsy enough. The whole handset tends to twist and creaks, when we apply some amount of pressure. Some users may think that buttons placement is a little bit strange; the physical camera shutter and volume rocker are (more…)

Nokia Lumia 800 Review


The Lumia 800 is a significant milestone for Nokia as its first Windows Phone device. The phone borrows some elements from the ill-fated Nokia N9 and it is the company’s early attempts to revive itself from the huge decline.

Design Loyal fans should easily notice the distinct, Nokia’s classic design. As a good-looking smartphone, the Lumia 800 has an obvious signature flair to it, although the power button (more…)