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Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Review


Samsung Galaxy Ace DUOS is basically a Samsung Galaxy Ace with dual-SIM capability.

Design The phone is made entirely of plastic and it has a metal rim that runs around the front part. The 3.5” HVGA display makes the phone entirely looks like the original Galaxy Ace. There are no proximity sensors or ambient light sensor. There are three non-backlit capacitive touch buttons under the display.

Software Samsung (more…)

Samsung Intensity III Review


Samsung Intensity III is a Verizon-only phone that’s designed to be a bit more rugged than other competing devices.

Design Weighing 4.06 ounces and measuring 0.57 thick, the phone is relatively lightweight and has a rather petite frame. However, the plastic build hardly makes the phone fits any military-grade requirements. The phone should fit comfortably in your hand and it is generally easy to handle. Up top, you (more…)

Samsung SCH-W2013 Will Be Released in China


One of great excitements in the mobile industry is seeing strange new devices for the first time and one has arrived quite recently. The Samsung SCH-W2013 is a unique flip-phone with two separate displays. Unlike other dual-screen, flip phones; both displays have the same size and resolution; 3.7” WVGA (480 x 800). Although both aren’t too impressive, combined they can provide great value for users. Unfortunately, the phone isn’t (more…)

Galaxy S Duos Review


Galaxy S Duos is a dual-SIM variant of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with less rounded design.

Design The Galaxy S Duos comes with standard Samsung design and a good choice if you still find it acceptable. As expected, the Galaxy S Duos is made completely from plastic and users should be able to handle it easily. To improve handling, Samsung opts for matte finish, instead of glossy slippery back.


Samsung Will Introduce 1080p Panels Next Year


Major phone makers are gradually taking the phablet route and rumor has it that the Korean giant, Samsung, is developing a new 4.99 1080p Super-AMOLED panel, probably for the upcoming Galaxy S4. Samsung’s upcoming flagship is expected to arrive at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013, one of the most anticipated annual trade shows. As always, the event will be held in Las Vegas and the company may also (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review


The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is a budget version of the more expensive Galaxy S3 smartphone, with reduced hardware specs and a smaller display.

Design The S3 Mini looks like a smaller version of the Galaxy S3. At 111.5 grams, the phone is significantly lighter, while a bit thicker compared to the full size S3. The back of the S3 Mini is made from a rather flimsy white (more…)

Samsung Asked Apple to Pay 20 Percent More for Its Mobile Processors


Samsung has applied a 20 percent price hike of its mobile processors, but implemented this policy only to one particular customer: Apple. Samsung is currently the only provider to supply various components to make iOS devices to work properly. When the South Korean technology giant asked for a price increase, Apple had no option but to accept. Cupertino has bought about 130 million mobile chips last year and to (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note II is Released in US


The Galaxy Note II is Samsung’s latest phablet and it has been released worldwide. As always, sales of a new device begin late in the United States. The Galaxy Note II first arrives to the T-Mobile USA, which is sold for $369.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Unlike the International variant of the device, T-Mobile variant doesn’t support 4G LTE. Sprint is the second carrier to get the Galaxy (more…)

Which One Offers Better Photography Solutions? Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2


As we all know, both Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Apple iPhone 5 offer 8Mp rear-facing cameras and the iPhone seems to dominate with more improved camera app features. Nevertheless, any Android users can still install apps from Google Play store to bring their phone up to the capability of the iPhone 5. Previous tests show that Samsung Galaxy 2 produces clearer image quality, but if you prefer to (more…)

LG and Samsung Will Release 1080p Handsets Next Year


We were once skeptical when we heard that 1080p smartphones would be delivered in near future, but all of a sudden HTC released the J Butterfly with its 5” 1080p display. Handsets with very high display resolution are no fantasy. Even with a large 5” display, the J Butterfly manages to deliver 440 ppi of pixel density thanks to its exceptional display resolution. HTC employs the Super LCD 3 (more…)