HTC Desire C Review

HTC Desire C could be the end of HTC’s “cheap phones” era and it is actually intended to usurp Wildfire S’s position in the market. The phone is on a par with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Y, LG Optimus L3 and BlackBerry Curve 9320, although slightly more expensive.

Compared to the Wildfire S, the Desire C’s display get a slight boost to 3.5”, while retaining the HVGA resolution, resulting in noticeably less sharp image quality.

As a great looking handset, the HTC Desire C is covered with a dinky rubberized curved chassis that moulds nicely into our hands. The plastic and rubber case allows for easier grip, which reduce the probability of slipping out. Measuring at 12.3mm thick, the HTC Desire C manages to be 5 grams lighter than the Wildfire S at a meager 100 grams.

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It is quite pleasant to see the familiar Android 4.0 interface on the phone, which gives the phone some amount of future-proofing. Obviously, many HTC fans are excited to get their hands on Jelly Bean, but it’s a bit unlikely for such a low-end handset to get an update due to possible performance issues.

HTC Desire C still packs the puny 600MHz single-core processor and 512MB of RAM, despite having new software. The outdated chip used really shows with generally sluggish browsing and gaming experience. Although flicking through homescreen doesn’t feel show, it still lacks the fluidity of more powerful devices.

Camera-wise, HTC Desire C beats the competition convincingly with a 5Mp camera as other low-end handsets still use 3.2Mp rear-facing camera or lower. Unfortunately, the camera app takes a while to load up due to the sluggish processor.

HTC delivers one lovely entry-level handset and it’s clear that the Desire C has a real focus on design. It’s good to see a budget smartphone rocking Android 4.0, which puts other low-end competition to shame with their Gingerbread-based solution.

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