Jolla Unveils the Interface of SailFish OS

Jolla has recently given us early looks at the Sailfish OS, which is based on Mer, a direct descendant of Meego. If successful, the company would directly take on major operating systems in the industry today. At the same opportunity, the company also took the wraps off the Sailfish SDK for smartphone makers. The SDK is available for download and it comes with all the tools needed to build a new app or convert apps used on other operating systems.
Jolla was established by ex-Nokia employees to deliver a platform that’s not only usable for smartphone and tablets, but also for in-car kits, smart TVs and many others. The company’s main goal is still to launch its own branded device, which could happen in early 2013. The Finnish carrier, DNA, has agreed to sell and market Jolla’s smartphones in the country when these devices are launched next year and a Chinese retailer, D.Phone may agree to stock Jolla handsets.
It is still unclear how Jolla would challenge the app store-based business model used by Apple, Google and Microsoft. However, because Jolla is working on an open-source operating system, various methods can be implemented, including providing direct support for Android apps.


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