LG Optimus M+ Review

The LG Optimus M was MetroPCS’s first Android smartphone, which didn’t require a contract and competitively priced. And now, aptly called LG Optimus M+, the new revamped version is available.

Noticeably thinner than its predecessor, the LG Optimus M+ looks like a welcome redesign of the original. Users may also find other new details appealing including the convex top, tapered sides and sharper corners. Being a slightly wider handset, the Optimus M+ is also easier to use.

Like the original Optimus M, the phone also has a 3.5″ HVGA display but now with more color depth at 262k, instead of 65k. Stills and videos are rich and vivid, especially when you crank the brightness all the way up. Icons on the app drawers look crisp, although more complex images could look streaky and grainy. Overall, the display is generally responsive and transitions between homescreens are smooth.

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The Optimus M+ has a slightly faster 800 MHz and although ot as fast as the Connect 4G with its dual-core processor, you shouldn’t notice any stutter when performing basic smartphone-related tasks.

The LG Optimus M+ ships with Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and is preloaded with typical Google’s apps, including Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Search, Messenger and others.

The 5MP camera features a LED flash, exposure meter, digital zoom, ISO choices, image options, scene modes, timer, color effects and white balance modes. Some of these settings are also available to the video recorder feature, but unfortunately, the camera is only capable of recording VGA clips.

Drain tests showed that the Optimus M+ can last for more than six hours with continuous uses. After spending the whole day watching videos, placing calls and trudging through the Web, the Optimus M+, should still have some juice left for the night.

The LG Optimus M+ is an overall worthy upgrade of the original with slightly boosted specs and thinner design. Owners should also like the decent camera quality and the snappiness of the interface.

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