Motorola RAZR i Preview

Things have been pretty quiet among Motorola’s ranks since the previous RAZR and it simply releases a smattering of mediocre handsets after another. The new RAZR i is Motorola Mobility’s latest device and as a mid-range handset, it includes an innovative edge-to-edge design. The RAZR i is pegged for next month and it could be priced at around $400 contract-free.

The RAZR i seems to share the industrial looks of its siblings, with wedge-shaped, sturdy-looking aluminum frame and Kevlar back, promising a solid smartphone that can easily withstand more than a few bumps and knocks. The three rivets found on each side adds to the industrial feel and although it’s not a bad-looking phone, the design may not be to everyone’s preference.

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The 4.3” Super-AMOLED Advance qHD display looks clear and crisp, although not as sharp as the iPhone 5. Thanks to its edge-to-edge design, it feels like we are holding a huge screen, instead of a smartphone.

Lurking inside the chassis is a 2GHz Intel’s Atom Z2640 single-core processor and supported by 1GB of RAM, it should be able to run Android 4.0 flawlessly. The hardware should be able to load complex website in seconds when operating in a fast data network.

The 8Mp rear-facing camera is another impressive feature and thanks to the powerful hardware, we can open the app in under a second. Tap to focus and autofocus are both present, but interestingly, the RAZR i lacks the panorama mode, a standard feature of the Ice Cream Sandwich. The camera is capable of snapping an impressive image in a second and if it isn’t fast enough for you, the phone has a burst mode that can shot 10 images in less than a second to capture fast-moving objects.

The RAZR i is a quality mid-ranger with a solid design, nice features, intuitive UI and impressive performance. Intel also claims low power consumption and if this is true, the RAZR i could easily be a winner in mid-range segment.

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