Orange San Diego Review

The Orange San Diego may not be the cheapest, slimmest, smallest, fastest and biggest, but it marks an important milestone in the smartphone industry. It has an Intel processor.

Performance and software
Intel contributed significantly in the development of Orange San Diego and it seems to be a direct replacement to the San Fransisco 2. We don’t have a fancy dual- or quad-core powerpack here, since Intel only adds a 1.6GHz Atom Z2460 single-core “Medfield” processor. It’s rather disappointing to see that the smartphone ships with Gingerbread (Android 2.3.7), as the smartphone industry is now firmly in ICS era. However, the Medfield processor does more than a decent job at running the operating system and the Orange-centric overlay runs nicely. There are 5 homescreens to play with and they look nice on the 4.03” (600×1024) display. Browsing online and through application is generally a fluid and smooth experience, with no trace of lag and slowdowns. Orange didn’t tinker with the OS too much, so we still get an overall basic Android experience.

The Orange San Diego is a decent-looking smartphone, although it doesn’t have an original design. The rubberized back offers a solid grip and at only 9.99mm thick, the phone sits nicely in the palm. It tips the scale at a comfortable 117 grams and the weight is distributed evenly.

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Slapped on the back is an 8Mp camera, with 1080p video recording and single LED flash. A 1.3Mp shooter is available on the front for quick video call. The camera towers above 5Mp camera used by phones at the same price range. Users can access the camera app directly by pressing the shutter button, which is kind of a novelty since only a few mid-range smartphones has the same key. After some fumbling, you should immediately see that the San Diego offers many camera controls, including for exposure, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, scenes, color effects and others.

Orange San Diego is a mid-range phone with some high-end features included, which should give many satisfied Orange subscribers a run for their money.

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