HTC 8X Preview


HTC is selected as one of manufacturers for early Windows Phone 8 devices and from how it’s named; HTC may want it to be positioned like the HTC One X in the Windows Phone environment.

Design The HTC 8X is obviously a new design path for the Taiwanese company and it seems to lead the way with its sleek unibody chassis. The aesthetic elements are furthered by the (more…)

Sony Xperia T Smart Phone Preview

Sony Xperia T Smart Phone

Latest Xperia handsets are ushering a new era for the mobile division of the Japanese electronics manufacturer. The Sony Xperia T is sitting on top of the pile with its high-end specs.

Design When you grab the T for the first time, you will note its arched back, which is a design nod to the earlier Xperia Arc S and Xperia Arc. The Sony Xperia T feels well (more…)

HTC Desire X Preview


The Desire X could be an attempt to win back legions of ex Desire owners with something well-aimed in budget category. When it comes to specs, the phone itself looks rather unremarkable with its somewhat average specs, including the relatively low-clocked 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

Design The HTC Desire X is more “smartphone” than a “superphone” and it feels like the HTC One X when held due (more…)

Sony Xperia J Preview


The Sony Xperia J seems to carry on the design principle of the earlier Xperia Arc S and Xperia Arc. The company is pitching the J as a device that delivers stand out experience for those looking for a combination between affordability and great style.

Design The company successfully got right in terms of external design with its rubberized and curved back. Users can easily whip off the (more…)