Panasonic Eluga Review

Panasonic is the first phone released by the Japanese company after its official statement that the company will re-enter the European market

The Panasonic Eluga is relatively tiny for a 4.3” smartphone. It has roughly the same waistline with the HTC One S and at 7.8mm thin, the phone is only slightly thicker than the Motorola RAZR. Also, at a slender 103 grams, the Panasonic Eluga is definitely the lightest 4.3” smartphone in the market. The Japanese firm is keen to push Eluga’s dust- and water-proofing features; and the phone should handle up to a 30-minute dip in 1 meter of water, which certifies it for the IP57 standard. Although, it is quite unlikely that you will take the Eluga during a snorkeling session, the phone should easily survive an accidental plunge into a bucket or sink.

The 4.3” qHD display won’t be quite up to par to 720p standards used by high-end handsets. The AMOLED display offers adequate viewing angles and vibrant colors, although objects on the display look oversaturated at times.

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The Panasonic Eluga is released with Gingerbread (Android 2.3) with a 1GHz TI OMAP dual-core processor running underneath. Panasonic slightly tweaked the app tray and all apps are sorted alphabetically. The interface may not come with a wealth of widgets like those offered by HTC Sense UI, but everything still looks adequately usable.

The rear-facing camera has a maximum resolution of 8Mp and includes a variety of resolution options. There are effects such as sepia, chic and mono as well as a self-timer.

It quite unfortunate that the phone has poor battery life and the whole system seems in desperate need of an Android 4.0 infusion. To many of us, the lack of front-facing camera and LED flash can make the Eluga feel a bit incomplete. Nevertheless, the Panasonic Eluga is an overall solid smartphone with great design, including a nearly bezel-less 4.3” display.

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