Samsung Galaxy Beam Review

Got a wall? Samsung has decided to add a unique capability to allow you view family pictures, PowerPoint presentations and movies at will. Packing a dinky 15 lumen projector, the Samsung Galaxy Beam does a decent job of adding projection capability into a communication device.

Thanks to the rubberized battery panel and yellow/chrome bezel, the Samsung Galaxy Beam is a sporty looking smartphone. At 145 grams, it is only slightly heavier than the iPhone 4S and the small projector is molded sleekly into the frame. At 12.5mm, the Galaxy Beam is no chunkier than typical mid-range smartphones.

Because of how the projector is positioned, the 5Mp camera is located further down on the back of the smartphone and it’s quite easy to accidentally cover it when taking pictures. A VGA camera is available on the front and it’s good only for quick video calls. 5Mp sensor isn’t much for today’s standard and despite having the same resolution with the iPhone 4S, image quality is noticeably different. Users can choose between various scene modes and settings like focus, ISO, white balance, exposure and others are enough for enthusiastic amateur photographer to get their teeth into the camera app.

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Software and performance
The 1GHz dual-core processor runs the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) quite fluently and it should feel like a smooth ride for average users. It may be annoying not to see Android 4.0 on here, but Gingerbread is still capable enough for average consumers. The phone generally works smoothly, although lags may appear very rarely when all homescreens are full with icons.

Projection aside, Samsung Galaxy Beam looks and feels decent, but unfortunately not excellent. It uses a fairly obsolete operating system, which lacks some features like NFC. The novelty of having a projector soon wears off if you don’t view images, slides and movies regularly. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Beam has a great battery life, sizable 8GB of onboard storage and decent 5Mp camera.

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