Samsung Intensity III Review

Samsung Intensity III is a Verizon-only phone that’s designed to be a bit more rugged than other competing devices.

Weighing 4.06 ounces and measuring 0.57 thick, the phone is relatively lightweight and has a rather petite frame. However, the plastic build hardly makes the phone fits any military-grade requirements. The phone should fit comfortably in your hand and it is generally easy to handle. Up top, you can find the 3.5, headphone jack and there’s a volume rocker on the left side. The phone is also equipped with “fake call” capability to help you escape any unwanted social situation.

The 2.4” (240 x 320) pixels display can show up to 262k colors at 18-bit color depth. Needless to say, image quality presented by the screen is generally sub-par. Stills look streaky and grainy, while icons and wallpaper on the homescreens showed some serious aliasing problems. Colors appear far less vibrant than in real life.

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There’s a four-row QWERTY keyboard under the display with a helpful backlight capability. It offers four navigational arrows and there are shortcuts to bring up basic features such as Search, Messaging and Contacts. The keyboard seems to have snappy and sturdy sliding mechanism. Keys are decently sized, but it can be hard to feel around them as the design is flush with the deck.

The dinky 2Mp rear camera offers decent features including quality settings, timer, night shot, color effects, exposure metering options, white balance, brightness meter and grid on the viewfinder. It is very understandable that photo quality is generally low, with pictures seem to have ill-defined edges. Videos don’t fare any better, although they are adequately sharp and have consistent focus.

The Samsung Intensity III may look thoroughly uninteresting, but it should easily survive any hard bump. The flat keyboard surface and the overall unattractive shape could be two major flaws that you can’t easily get over with. Ultimately, the Intensity III can make some really solid calls and the “fake call” feature would work like an ejection seat in any disastrous social situation.

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