Sony Xperia TX Review

The Sony Xperia TX is an amazing piece of device with gorgeous design, with its curvy and pinched look.

Sony Xperia TX has the usual rectangular design that unfortunately seems flimsy enough. The whole handset tends to twist and creaks, when we apply some amount of pressure. Some users may think that buttons placement is a little bit strange; the physical camera shutter and volume rocker are placed on the right, but Sony curiously put the power button on the left side, instead of on the top. The camera and power buttons have the same size and have mirrored placements, so sometimes you may have difficulties determining which button is which.

The Sony XPeria TX has an amazing display, although with somewhat subdued saturation and hue compared to the IPS display on the Optimus G. With 720p resolution squeezed into the comfortably spacious 4.55” display, the Xperia TX offers an impressive pixel density of 323 ppi, which matches Apple’s Retina Display.

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Audio quality
Sony Xperia TX’s speaker is unnervingly loud, which is a good thing; while the external speaker is crazily loud – also in a good way. This should make the Xperia TX a great music player.

Xperia TX’s 13Mp Exmor sensor offers great mobile photography solution for users, which far surpasses most high-end handsets. It may not be a great leap forward, but results are marvelous. Unfortunately, the autofocus feature seems to have problem locking at desired objects in low light situation.

Sony Xperia TX comes with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but the interface doesn’t seem to differ much with the Xperia Ion with its Android 2.3 OS. There are only a few interface elements that indicate a different OS i.e. different search widget, clock font and signal bar style.

The Sony Xperia TX is a decent smartphone and it is unlikely that you would regret buying it. However, with some researches you may find alternatives with less unfixed nuisances and annoying compromises.


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