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HTC 8S Preview


If you are lucky to get an early look at the HTC 8S, it’s easy to admire the aesthetic merits of the phone. Recently showcased model wasn’t running a final version of the Windows Phone 8 yet, but its overall appearance shows us an interesting handset.

Design Design-wise, we can compare the Sony Xperia U and HTC One C with the the HTC 8S. At 10.3mm thick, the (more…)

HTC 8X Preview


HTC is selected as one of manufacturers for early Windows Phone 8 devices and from how it’s named; HTC may want it to be positioned like the HTC One X in the Windows Phone environment.

Design The HTC 8X is obviously a new design path for the Taiwanese company and it seems to lead the way with its sleek unibody chassis. The aesthetic elements are furthered by the (more…)