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HTC Droid DNA Can Now be Unlocked


HTC Droid DNA is an important breakthrough in the mobile world with its first-ever commercially available 1080p smartphone display and enormous power under the bonnet. It is definitely one of the hottest handsets around but unfortunately, Droid DNA is exclusive only to Verizon. The phone also has its bootloader locked and it is a good thing that some resourceful individuals were able to find ways to open it up (more…)

HTC One S Review

HTC One S_Black_1

HTC One S is placed one rung down from the One X, and this is not a bad thing considering the impressive capability offered by the latter.

Design HTC One S is reasonably big, but not so huge that those with dainty hands can’t comfortably hold it. The One S comes with the familiar rounded oblong design of HTC handsets. HTC uses the micro arc oxidation process to (more…)

Battery Tests Show Satisfactory Battery Performance of HTC Droid DNA


HTC is aiming to grab some audience off the Galaxy Note II with the Droid DNA and it seems to deliver a pretty decent battery life. Early reports tell us that the battery performance is generally impressive allowing users to get multiple days of battery life with moderate usages. There’s no getting away that the Droid DNA has a rather limited onboard storage, but skeptics may have exaggerated reports (more…)

HTC One X Review


When it was released, HTC One X impressed many with its quad-core processor, sublimely thin chassis and huge HD display. It’s quite clear from the outset what the company seeks to do, with the phone’s powerful capability and slick design.

Processor The 1.5GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor is definitely the next level in mobile computing. Backed up by a huge 1GB of RAM, the hardware platform translates (more…)

HTC 8S Preview


If you are lucky to get an early look at the HTC 8S, it’s easy to admire the aesthetic merits of the phone. Recently showcased model wasn’t running a final version of the Windows Phone 8 yet, but its overall appearance shows us an interesting handset.

Design Design-wise, we can compare the Sony Xperia U and HTC One C with the the HTC 8S. At 10.3mm thick, the (more…)

HTC 8X Preview


HTC is selected as one of manufacturers for early Windows Phone 8 devices and from how it’s named; HTC may want it to be positioned like the HTC One X in the Windows Phone environment.

Design The HTC 8X is obviously a new design path for the Taiwanese company and it seems to lead the way with its sleek unibody chassis. The aesthetic elements are furthered by the (more…)

HTC Desire X Preview


The Desire X could be an attempt to win back legions of ex Desire owners with something well-aimed in budget category. When it comes to specs, the phone itself looks rather unremarkable with its somewhat average specs, including the relatively low-clocked 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

Design The HTC Desire X is more “smartphone” than a “superphone” and it feels like the HTC One X when held due (more…)