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Windows Phone 7.8 Will be Released in China Next Month


Microsoft is planning to use Windows Phone 7.8 as an update to some Windows Phone 7.5 devices currently available on the market. A Microsoft official in China said that the OS version would hit the Chinese mainland in the coming weeks. Apparently, it would be Chinese consumers who have the first opportunity to explore the WP7.8 before everyone else. This should be a good thing for users who don’t (more…)

Jolla Unveils the Interface of SailFish OS


Jolla has recently given us early looks at the Sailfish OS, which is based on Mer, a direct descendant of Meego. If successful, the company would directly take on major operating systems in the industry today. At the same opportunity, the company also took the wraps off the Sailfish SDK for smartphone makers. The SDK is available for download and it comes with all the tools needed to build (more…)