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HTC Droid DNA Can Now be Unlocked


HTC Droid DNA is an important breakthrough in the mobile world with its first-ever commercially available 1080p smartphone display and enormous power under the bonnet. It is definitely one of the hottest handsets around but unfortunately, Droid DNA is exclusive only to Verizon. The phone also has its bootloader locked and it is a good thing that some resourceful individuals were able to find ways to open it up (more…)

iPhone 5 Review


There were plenty excitements in the rumor mill before the release of the iPhone 5 and they had led to a high level of expectation among consumers and experts.

Design The iPhone 5 feels amazingly light and it is in fact 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S. Some users actually praised the weighty feel of the iPhone 4S, which gives the phone a premium feel. It may (more…)